Repair and Maintenance


Over the years, we have aquired the reputation of efficiency and reliability in terms of repair and maintenance. We answer to our users' requests promptly. In case of emergency we provide the services within one work day.
Apart from repair and maintenance of our silothermometers (STM-1, STM-1.2 and STM3) we successfully provide the servicing of gauges of other manufacturers.

Correctness and accuracy control (calibration)


In accordance with The Law on fire protection (The Official Gazzete of Republic of Serbia 111/90 and 20/2015) regular control of silothermometers is mandatory. For several decades, we have been actively involved in the control of correctness and accuracy of our silothermometers, as well as those of other manufacturers. After a detail examination, we issue a report. This report is also required for HACCP standard controls, admition of commodity reserves, control of agricultural inspection, insurance of goods and facilities by the insurance companies, etc.

Contact our technical service:
Phone: +381 21 467-056